About Us

Who are Fixer In Nepal?

Fixer in Nepal is not a new name in the field of filming in Nepal. We have been handling clients from all around the world for services that are akin to those of foreign companies. We look after all your needs from line production to budgeting, project research to logistics, and other services as per the necessity of our clienteles. We always aim at giving our best at everything we do and that’s what makes us one of the best and sought after fixing company in Nepal.

No job is too big or too small for us, and we equally enjoy sharing our local knowledge about film permits and offering full production services for the most demanding multi-camera shoots. From experts of TV series and commercials to corporate videos and documentaries, our members will advise on the most efficient ways to make your wishes come true and always secure the most competitive rates.

Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves and give us more reasons to carry on with offering the best service in the industry! It is also worth mentioning that Fixer in Nepal prides itself for charging the rates of a single local fixer, but in reality, offering a whole dedicated team that will work passionately to make the things you want happen. If we have not worked with you yet, we hope to do so soon. Film in Nepal with Fixer in Nepal!

About Fixer in Nepal

Fixer In Nepal is your gateway to filming in the 21st century. As technological the world has become, so have we evolved in our techniques of filming. Nepal has a great future for filming, and we at Fixer Nepal believe in that and explore new vistas of filming in Nepal.


Sanepa-2, Lalitpur Nepal

Phone : +977 9801012432

Email : workofchandan@gmail.com

Website : www.fixerinnepal.com