We recently embarked on a remote filming project in Mustang Valley, utilizing a green screen to capture scenes featuring a Yak and various characters. Our tasks included filming snow sequences for the VFX team's requirements. Detailed instructions were provided, and after orientation sessions with the client, our director and DOP team successfully executed the project. Regular updates on the footage were shared via links from the client, guiding our scheduling for subsequent shoot days. A significant challenge we faced was managing the Yak during filming, which proved more demanding than anticipated. Moreover, due to minimal snowfall in 2023, locating snow-covered mountains in Mustang Valley, even in January, was exceptionally challenging. Eventually, after hours of trekking near Kagbeni area, we successfully obtained the necessary shots. Our remote filming project in Mustang Valley, featuring a yak on a green screen, was a remarkable experience. Thanks to our experienced and professional crew, where we skillfully captured scenes with a yak on a green screen, we delivered precise client requirements for Hooves Production.