We have worked with VPRO Metropolis TV since 2013 to complete production of a number of documentaries. Their focus is to bring out fresh, unique content for consumption with topics such as world of weed, Yarsagumba, ex-criminal. We feel honored to have worked with them continually for the past couple of years, providing them with rich video journalism and research to find different stories based in Nepal.

Given that the company focused on special distinct concepts the filming experience was one filled with adventure and thrill. Facing wild animals, getting lost in the jungle for hours or spending days looking for the half-plant & half-insect herb called Ophiocordyceps sinensis all became a part of the experience.

Apart from this, we also helped the company with their filming and worked hard to edit and piece the stories together. Additionally, we provided them with equipment’s, filming expertise and other filming solutions such as accommodation and transportation.