Nepal has that peculiar and unique kind of terrain. It's sometimes so tricky that it will dodge out the most familiar locals. The range of varieties and immense biodiversity excels Nepal to become the spot of marvels. The turbulence that we are going to face while travelling, makes us somewhere out of this world. It's like being on another planet. All these dissimilarities of topography and environment makes Nepal unique. We cannot also totally rely on the technology the google maps has provided us. Since, there are some places even the google has not tracked yet, and may mislead us. So, a complete stranger coming to Nepal needs someone to have a support with. Filmmakers around the world who think of coming to Nepal, needs a fixer on that regard, who is witty, knows the place and has that intuition of guiding a right path in the right location. The national language of Nepal is Nepali, hence most of the people are acquainted with this language. But there are some places in the remote or even in the midst of a city, where people only speak the local dialect, the mother tongue of their own. They don't understand Nepali or any other language with which we can communicate to them. Therefore, a fixer who is known about all these barriers will sort out the issue by communicating with those people at any cost. We cannot assure you that the fixer will speak their language but will figure a way out to have a healthy conversation with the locals. There are some political issues that may change the scenario of the country. Every single country has to pass through this phase. But Nepal is in a transitional stage, hence it's quite difficult to estimate what really is going to happen in the future. So, a Fixer in Nepal knows about all these conditions and will notify you prior or will tell you beforehand where to head and where not to. There are some areas in Nepal, where tourists are easily cheated. People of some locales have not even seen a white fellow ever, which may scare the hell out of them or may be offensive to just pass through. To manage all these stuff a fixer will communicate with them to ease the scenario so that the research or filming runs smoothly. Talking about the hygiene, Nepal is not in the standards of WHO list. But there are hotels and places to stay where hygiene is preferred utmost. These all will be operated and checked by the fixer.