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Wajadtou Nafsi -Kiwi events - Fixer in Nepal


Wajadtou Nafsi -Kiwi events

The responsibility of capturing this incredible story fell into the hands of the dedicated team at Kiwi Events. Over the course of five days, every aspect of Arati and Hari's journey was meticulously recorded, thanks to the meticulous planning and execution by the devoted crew.

Being -A production of hooves, Australia - Fixer in Nepal

Commercial Video, TVC

Being -A production of hooves, Australia

Our tasks included filming snow sequences for the VFX team's requirements. Detailed instructions were provided, and after orientation sessions with the client, our director and DOP team successfully executed the project. Regular updates on the footage were shared via links from the client, guiding our scheduling for subsequent shoot days.

Exploring Nepal’s Boundless Beauty: A Fixer’s Journey with “Grenzenlos” - Fixer in Nepal

Not Assigned

Exploring Nepal’s Boundless Beauty: A Fixer’s Journey with “Grenzenlos”

Exploring Nepal’s Boundless Beauty: A Fixer’s Journey with “Grenzenlos” Embarking on a captivating journey with a German production company for the program “Grenzenlos” was an adventure unlike any other. As a fixer, my role was to facilitate the exploration of Nepal’s diverse landscapes, from the treacherous roads of Nuwakot to the awe-inspiring wildlife and the […]



Minister of Qatar 2017

Government Logistics

We had to manage and fix the security, logistics, press conference and meetings with politicians for Minister of Qatar while he visited Nepal.

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Vice Asia – Sex Trafficking - Fixer in Nepal

Documentary, filming in nepal, sex traffic

Vice Asia – Sex Trafficking

A documentary which talks about the ongoing women trafficking in nepal. Which focus on the Nepal-India border trying to figure out how and why near 50 Nepalese women disappear from the border every day.  This was the mission this project where we help the crew to reach near the border and arrange the shooting in that area.

Global Throttle - Fixer in Nepal

Travel Documentary, travel show

Global Throttle

Stelios and Michael Angelos traveling to Nepal. where this project showcases different kinds of culture, monasteries, temples, and people.  Where we assist them to meet with monks, the baba of Pashupati, Kumari (The Living goddess ). This was a 3 days project where they cover up Pharping Monastery, Thamel Street, Lalitpur Living Goddess, and Healing Season.




It is based on the international initiative pediatrics and nutrition for the children in nepal. where IIPAN play a role of proving nutrition to the children suffering from cancer. This was a project based on health sector. 

HOTEL MARRIOT - Fixer in Nepal



This was a commercial advertisement for the hotel Marriot. We provided line production services; producer, Permit (Including a Drone ), Cast, Crew, Equipment, and  Fixer. This was a three-day shoot, shooting location was  Patan durbar square, Swyambhu (Monkey Temple). this shoot had many challenges as there was a lot of technical crew. Our team gave the best performance on the shoot so, that it would finish in a timely. This project was a great experience for all our team members as everyone was involved.

Singing Bowl - Fixer in Nepal


Singing Bowl

    This was a documentary shoot that was based on the Singing Bowl. It covered all the elements of the Singing Bowl from how it’s made and how it works for healing. Singing Bowl has its origin in Kathmandu, Shanta Ratna Shakya a Singing Bowl Maestro with an important legacy in the Kassa minority […]

Wings over Everest - Fixer in Nepal


Wings over Everest

Wings over Everest is a feature movie based on a plane crash on Everest. With a famous star cast in Japan kôji Yakusho. It was a complete line production service, there was a specific location for this movie; Basantapur durbar square (world heritage site), airport of Kathmandu. It was a memorial project with a precious experience.

Zayad sustainable prize - Fixer in Nepal


Zayad sustainable prize

Zayed sustainability prize is UAE’s pioneering global award given globally to the groups which are making a difference in environmental sustainability. One of the schools from Nepal was recognized and nominated for the prize. It was nomination shooting where we helped the crew with shooting interviews and captured all the efforts made by the school toward environmental sustainability

Throttle Out - Fixer in Nepal

adventures, travel show, tv show

Throttle Out

Zack Courts and Ari Henning are two die-hard motorcyclist friends who travel all around the world. This time they are headed to Kathmandu, Nepal to help Ram who rescued the abandoned cattle around the Kathmandu valley with his bike. This was a 7 days project where we travel to different places in Kathmandu.

DURGA: Forging a new trail - Fixer in Nepal

Documentary, Travel Documentary

DURGA: Forging a new trail

Durga is a documentary project about a guide from Nepal. Her name is Durga, she is the first guide from her village. It is a story of female empowerment and gender equality about a brave young woman who is forging her own trail.

Filming Experience on Everest - Fixer in Nepal

Documentary, Travel Documentary

Filming Experience on Everest

This project was based on a documentary about submitting Mount Everest for a world record. It was a 90 days shoot. The project started in Kathmandu and the last resort was the Everest base camp

Wain Al Heen (MBC) - Fixer in Nepal

Documentary, Travel Documentary

Wain Al Heen (MBC)

Wain Al Heen is a travel show, led by three young girls who travel around the world for fresh adventures and experiences in different countries to give a powerful message to the world.

HAPPY HEART FUND 2016-2017 - Fixer in Nepal

Commercial Video


The shooting was done at Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot, and we were in charge of the complete filming and production.