we provide best fixing services in nepal

Shu Bosh Nepal

Shu bosh Nepal is one of the active fixer in Nepal. His extensive knowledge and passion for cinematic makes him an inseparable part of our corporation. As versatile as it gets, he looks after a wide spectrum of areas with translation and literature which he holds expertise in. He believes that the very essence of the filming industry lies within the verses.

Yogesh Nepal

Thrives the world of filming, motion graphics and animation hence this passion leads him to be an experiential and perpetual creative individual. With over 12 years in the creative industry, he welcomes any given challenge and executes his visions with utmost quality.

Sunil K. Dahal

With the desire to travel, Sunil K. Dahal is one of the finest Local Coordinator with knowledge of multiple language. His experience of traveling all parts of the country makes him an expert in local connection. This makes him crucial part of the corporation.