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Ashok Pahari

Fixer in Nepal

Filming in foreign countries, unfamiliar to you can be quite troublesome. While you may have the creative vision on how you want things done, differences in culture and language and lack of understanding about the geography could pose as a significant hindrance, stifling your productivity in the process. Hence, when the project needs the familiarity, guidance in logistics and film-making in a foreign land, a Fixer steps in.

Fixer in Nepal is a full-fledged one-stop solution for all your fixing needs. Fixer provides you with your immediate fixing needs, which includes services such as transportation, equipment, filming to logistics and closely with you to gather initial research, scout for location and helps you budget and plan projects accurately from the start.

We Offer

we offer high quality equipments and support to help you work in nepal.



We meet your needs, be it camera, lenses, rigs, lights etc including the professional handlers, for your convenience.


Filming Solution

Filming in Nepal can possess some unique challenges and unforeseen, yet enticing roadblocks.



From the most comfortable tourist buses to heavy duty choppers, and even some of those luxury cars

our projects

we offer high quality equipments and support to help you work in nepal.


The shooting was done at Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot, and we were in charge of the complete filming and production.

Bear Grylls – Man Vs Everest – 2014/2015

We are the next generation of filmmakers. Fixer In Nepal brings you the best of the East and the West, and gives you the cultural history of Kathmandu

Animal Rights Abuse

Large number of mass slaughter were due to festivals, religious activities and financial benefits. It was utterly heartbreaking to see numerous animal

Terminate unwanted pregnancies 2017

We worked with Vignette Interactive for the research on the causes of unwanted pregnancies in Nepal. It is a social problem that most of the Nepalese

Charles Sobhraj – Serial Killer 2017

For this project, which was conducted by ITV we had to act as an undercover investigator to interview Charles Sobhraj a.k.a. the bikini killer.

Behind The Scenes