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We are Fixer in Nepal

Fixer in Nepal is a one stop company that looks after all your fixing requirements in a manner that’s class apart. Established in 2005, with offices based in Kathmandu, Fixer in Nepal has the largest network of personnel capable of swift and diligent solutions to a host of clients from all around the world. Our suite of products and services make any task and fixing requirement simple and sustainable, securing benefits for client communities. Devised and delivered by competent and brilliant leaders of the country, our offer has grown in line with industry and community demand, as Nepal’s industry progresses.

Simply put, Fixer in Nepal has the most enthusiastic and experienced network of fixers, entrepreneurs, field agents and other staff, supported by a strong team of managers, researchers and coordinators to attend to all your filming requirements. Based in Kathmandu office, we live and breathe to always go the extra mile to secure and guarantee the success of your prospect. We simplify. We organise. We delegate. We troubleshoot. We succeed. We are an extended part of your core team. So, if you are looking for fixer in Nepal, Filming in Nepal or producing in Nepal, we are the best in Asia, come work with us.

our service

Nepal is a small country but with all its diversities, it makes it a beautiful abode for filming all that it has to give, which is bountiful. But along with the goodness, there’s severity as well. The diversity of the landscape of Nepal makes it ever so difficult and inaccessible.

At Fixer in Nepal, our fixers provide logistical support, facilitate permits, and arrange entry through customs and immigration, location management, talent acquisition, crew sourcing, equipment supply, accommodation and transport arrangements for film and television producers who wish to conduct filming abroad. A more apt title for our fixers would be ‘Production Coordinator’ or ‘Local Producer’. We are the best fixers in Nepal.

Filming solution

Filming in Nepal can possess some unique challenges and unforeseen, yet enticing roadblocks. Whilst you chose to take on this path, we do our best to become those perfect pairs of shoes you can put on and enjoy the ride ahead.

  • Research
  • Permit and clearance
  • Location Scouting
  • Line Production
  • Fixer
  • Translator
  • Experienced Crew
  • Detail Budgeting
  • Editing Suits/Recording Shadows
  • Setup Contacts/Interviews
  • Scripting
  • Transcription


We excel in offering all sorts of professional filming equipment and ever keep updating and acquiring the latest stuffs to efficiently meet your needs, be it camera, lenses, rigs, lights etc including the professional handlers, for your convenience.

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Gimble
  • Drone
  • Zib Arm
  • Portable Zib Arm
  • Glide Cam
  • Steady Cam
  • Sound Equipment
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • Generator


From the most comfortable tourist buses to heavy duty choppers, and even some of those luxury cars, Fixer in Nepal makes sure your project is a smooth ride by successfully arranging an impressive array of transport mediums to aid your projects of varying scales and natures.

  • Car
  • Equipment Van
  • Van
  • Hiace jeep
  • Mini Bus, Coaster
  • Tourist Bus
  • Motorbike
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Chopper 3+1
  • Travelling Chopper
  • Chopper 4+1
  • Filming Chopper
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About Fixer in Nepal

Fixer In Nepal is your gateway to filming in the 21st century. As technological the world has become, so have we evolved in our techniques of filming. Nepal has a great future for filming, and we at Fixer Nepal believe in that and explore new vistas of filming in Nepal.


Sanepa-2, Lalitpur Nepal

Phone : +977 9801012432

Email : workofchandan@gmail.com

Website : www.fixerinnepal.com