This project was carried out for ARM Investigation of USA for the detailed research of places in Nepal and India for the topic related to Animal Rights. For this project we had the role of going in as undercover investigators and had to implement a research and photo/video documentation in India (Sonpur & Jaipur) and in Nepal (Birgunj) where a numerous amount of animal rights were violated. We concluded that large number of mass slaughter were due to festivals, religious activities and financial benefits. It was utterly heartbreaking to see numerous animals caged, sold and slaughtered. We figured out the illegal trade of animals, their parts and captured them through photo and video documentation. We faced various problems locally including the unions and government bodies that did not cooperate with us and were aggressive on certain situation, even the policemen would not follow the law but their own beliefs from their religion. Other than that working on river of blood and high temperature that went upto 45 degrees was really tough. However the end of illegal animal trading and slaughtering to some extent based on our research was rewarding enough for us. It is a project we are extremely proud about during our long journey in filming industry.