Wain Al Heen is a travel show, led by three young girls who travel around the world for fresh adventures and experiences in different countries to give a powerful message to the world. In March 2019, the three young girls landed in Nepal. We, as a fixer, must arrange all the required government and local permits, logistics, transportation, and accommodation for the crew. In this project, they must travel to different places, like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ghalegaun, Bhaktapur, and many more for various programs. In Kathmandu, they have set up a program with the Bungamati Foundation Nepal (BFN), which is a non-government, non-profit social organization. The program was about the reconstruction of an ancient pond in a village, where they had to help build that pond and provide a certain amount of donations. Since it was rainy, we managed to shoot with the help of a tarpaulin, raincoat, and waterproof cover for the equipment. At the end of the shoot, there was a small program for the local people, where the team provided sanitary items for small kids and sanitary pads for women. We had a monumental time at Bhaktapur, where we had to visit one of the oldest yogurt-making factories known as Ju Ju Dhau (king of yogurt). We provide all the access needed for the team to shoot the yogurt-making process. The three protagonists were also involved in making the yogurt.As they travel, we help them to shoot traditional and cultural parts of Bhaktapur Dubar. Kritipur is a historical place in Nepal. The Newars are natives of Kritipur. The three protagonists traveled there to try Newari cuisine. It was a kind of party with all the crew while filming. It was a memorable moment as the work and fun were interlinked.