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(Fixer, Line Producer, Investigator, Stringer) CEO

A prolific Line Producer and Fixer with multilingual abilities in Nepal, Chandan Jha has cut a precious niche in providing film service in Nepal. He is an “Undercover Investigator with Arm Investigations (U.S.A) in various projects related to Animal Abuse and their prohibition”, a “Video Journalist and Producer with Metropolis TV, Al-Jazeera”.

Digbijaya Bharati

(Fixer/Translator/Investigator) MD

An intelligent, farsighted, and result-orientated person, who is a quick thinker and finds diligent solutions to all manners of problems. A graduate in International Business Studies from the London University, he’s had experiences in a large number of sectors, whose expertise he transfers into every task he does.

Ashish Shrestha

Translator and Fixer

With exceptional capabilities, Aashish Shrestha is one of the best fixers that Nepal has to offer. His extensive knowledge and passion for cinematic makes him an inseparable part of our corporation. As versatile as it gets, he looks after a wide spectrum of areas with translation and literature which he holds expertise in. He believes that the very essence of the filming industry lies within the verses.


DOP from Singapore


DOP from India


Make up designer for film, fashion and TV

About Fixer in Nepal

Fixer In Nepal is your gateway to filming in the 21st century. As technological the world has become, so have we evolved in our techniques of filming. Nepal has a great future for filming, and we at Fixer Nepal believe in that and explore new vistas of filming in Nepal.


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