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in Nepal?

Filming abroad, especially in remotes areas can be quite a hassle. The differences in geography, culture and language can pose as a definite barrier. Fixer in Nepal can help you combat these challenges and smooth out your work process. Providing you with adequate filming research, support before, during and after production.

A reputed fixing company that takes care of your logistics, coordinates your filming process in a foreign land and makes sure that your focus stay in filming while we worry about the rest. As a company that believes in action oriented approaches, we focus on getting things done, whatever you need, be it top of the line translators or equipment or a chopper to capture the glorious views of Nepal. We got it. Having worked with big names from around the world has made us skilled and capable, working insync with international standards with a specialization in local areas. Our fortes in the business includes providing services such as fixing, translation, equipment management, security, research and location scouting.

Local knowledge about film permits and offering full production services for the most demanding multi-camera shoots have made us one of the best sought after fixing companies in Nepal. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that Fixer in Nepal prides itself for charging the rates of a single local fixer, but in reality, offering a whole dedicated team that will work passionately to make the things you want to happen. We, Fixer in Nepal are always here for your fixing, filming, producing needs. We take care of the hassle while you work on your dreams.

If our way of working resonates with you then contact us and let us help you create some of the most gripping stories.

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we offer high quality equipments and support to help you work in nepal

Chandan  Jha - Fixer in Nepal

Chandan Jha

Co-Founder & CEO

“Fixer, Translator, Investigator”

of Fixer In Nepal Pvt Ltd and is globally knownas a Director, Line-Producer and Fixer in Nepalwho has a eye for perfection and has handledover 200 international companies varying fromchannels to flm makers and has received nothingbut compliments for himself in the last 13 years.