The work of a film fixer usually goes unnoticed on air or in print. However, the contribution of film fixers especially in difficult environments is priceless. Nepal is a country without a lot of international recognition for filming and being a film fixer in nepal is a challenging job. And as it is still a developing country, lots of things might be difficult, like having to wait for ages to get the permits processed (not literally), or arranging the best transportation services as the roads are whack. That’s where fixers come in. To put it on a single definition, fixers normally arrange visas and permits, interviews, hotels, flights and domestic transportation — more like a production manager’s job. In over years of providing quality fixing services in Nepal, we have been through lots of ups and downs. Yet, we are sailing on the same boat, reaching greater heights. Through the hardships of fixing over the years, we may have stumbled but we have gotten up stronger with valuable lessons.