Nepal, a gorgeous country, in terrain and in diversity, is an underdeveloped country. The country still lacks great road conditions, and the infrastructures are not developed enough to ensure a smooth travel road. Nepal has plains of Terai in the south to mountainous Himalayas in the north, which also includes barren places, and places like deserts. The plains of Terai may be easy in comparison to the hills and Himalayas. However, charting in these known terrains is still fraught with unexpectedness. This is the reason it is a major challenge when fixing transportation in Nepal, especially during the monsoon season. To make the travel knowledge of Nepal known, Fixers in Nepal looks after managing everything, all the knowledge and necessities for the people of Europe who are looking forward to travel in Nepal. And among the challenges, major part of it is taken by the transportation. The people of Europe are not aware of the transportation situation in Nepal. The drivers that we’ll be working with have at least 25 years of experience and not only skilled in driving on various terrains, flying helicopter, jeep, and motorbikes. Not only do the drivers have experience of driving but also are skilled in filming with enough experience in the field. And in accordance to the place that the adventurers want to visit, the type of vehicle changes. The experience of the driver speaks on many occasions. Only driving the vehicle is not only thing that the driver knows, he knows the terrain, the climate condition at any given time of the year and how to handle the transportation and keep the operation going and smooth. When in Lo-Manthang, the driver makes sure to start the engine every 2 hours, so the engine of the vehicle would not freeze and delay the team. Also, the vehicle is the safest place to keep the equipment of the team safe, and the driver knows exactly how to safeguard the vehicle, and the equipment. There are also experienced and skilled pilot who have great wisdom about the terrain they are flying the plane and helicopter. Everest is a zone that is not free of dangers, and the pilot skillfully fly the place in a height such that the passengers have a clear sightseeing experience. Lukla Airport is one of the most dangerous airport in the world, the pilots we have are experienced in taking off and landing in such place, while also having great experience in tackling the changing conditions whilst in air. There are times, when on the go, the situation on the road changes and the changing situation needs to be notified. Thus, the drivers are provided with communication devices like walkie-talkie so that they can communicate and be communicated for the updates on situations. Nepal is simply a stunning beauty. The terrain in the hilly and mountain area of Nepal are tricky, and Fixtures in Nepal help manage the issue of transportation in Nepal by proving the people the necessary information they need on the terrain and how the drivers and pilots in Nepal are skilled and experienced in driving and handling the situation so that the adventure is smooth.